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International competence network

The National Test Institute for Cyber Security NTC tests networked components for their cyber security on behalf of the federal government, cantonal and municipal authorities, industry, universities and NGOs. The NTC guarantees independent and in-depth testing of the security and trustworthiness of cyber-physical components and makes a strategic contribution to maintaining Switzerland's security and independence.

To this end, local and international cybersecurity specialists are now invited to fulfill this mission together with the NTC.

Nature of the test assignments

The audits cover hardware and software components, regardless of manufacturer and geographical origin, that are used in the client's organizations.

  • Audits for the purpose of risk analysis and improvement of digital products and applications that are used on a large scale in Switzerland or pose a particular risk situation.

  • Audits for the purpose of raising awareness in business and society, especially with regard to unexpected vulnerabilities

  • Audits with a view to the publication of scientific studies on the international positioning of the institute

  • Repetitions of examinations carried out abroad to ensure quality and objectivity in the sense of international comparability.

The NTC is based on a public-private sponsorship consisting of partners from the public sector and companies from the private sector and has existed as an association domiciled in the Canton of Zug since December 2020.

Further documents (German only):

General test regulations NTC

Statutes of the association

Contact Form

For the execution of the examinations, the NTC evaluates interested experts and companies for their professional suitability and quality. Every interested market participant is cordially invited to contact us.

By filling out the contact form, registration and participation in the evaluation procedure in the fall of 2022 will take place. In the course of this procedure, further contact by the NTC will take place by e-mail or telephone.