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We test what others do not.


Manufacturers, operators and distributors of products often lack incentives and the necessary awareness to have their products tested for vulnerabilities. This results in unsafe products that are not regulated or controlled entering the market. The NTC identifies and tests such products for vulnerabilities, even without a mandate, in order to reduce the cyber risks they pose. The knowledge gained is made available to the public, government agencies, and the business community.

Complete, transparent and for the good of our society.




The focus and goal of our work is to ensure Switzerland's digital security.

Test assignments in connection with critical infrastructures therefore have top priority for the NTC. We conduct these in complete independence from manufacturers, and any financial involvement of product manufacturers or service providers is also excluded. Any influence on the objectivity of the NTC is thus guaranteed to be prevented.

«We do not certify. We test where there has not been sufficient testing to date.»

Dr. Raphael M. Reischuk, Founding member


The safety assessments carried out by the NTC are based on international recommendations and standards, which are supplemented accordingly for in-depth analyses. To ensure sound assessments, the NTC resorts to existing expertise from the private sector, research and educational institutions in Germany and abroad.

«We always remain neutral with our activities.»

Andreas W. Kaelin, Executive Management


There is no influence by the market for hardware and software components. The tests are not carried out with the aim of promoting sales by manufacturers or dealers.

The objectivity of the NTC is both a prerequisite for our work and a guarantee of our performance.


  • No. To avoid conflicts of interest, the NTC does not test on behalf of product providers and manufacturers.

  • The NTC is a national institution that tests digital products and networked infrastructures when this is not done by the private sector or is done in insufficient depth. In its work, it draws on the numerous competencies from the private sector rather than competing with them.

  • No. In order to maintain our neutrality, no certifications are carried out that a manufacturer could use to strengthen its market position.

  • The NTC does not work for profit, but exclusively for the benefit of Swiss society and the economy. For this reason, public funding is essential to avoid conflicts of interest.